Back-to-school Activities With Grandparents

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When the leaves start to turn yellow and red, and the air becomes a little crisper, it can only mean one thing: school is just around the corner.

For many kids, that also means that their grandparents will be coming over to help them get ready for the new school year.

Grandma can help make sure that all of the school supplies are in order, and she can help pack the lunches for the first few days.

Grandpa can take the kids on a walk to show them where their new school is, and he can teach them how to whistle really well.

Together, they can help get the kids excited for another year of learning, growing, and exploring. And when it’s finally time for the first day of school, there’ll be nothing but smiles all around.

Back-to-school Activities With Your Grandparents

Grandparents can be a great help to parents during the back-to-school season. Here are some tips for how to involve them:

  1. Talk to your parents or your child’s grandparents about what help they can provide in the weeks leading up to and during the school year. This could include anything from picking up the children after school to helping with homework.
  2. Ask grandparents to take care of the kids on school days when you have to work. This can free up your time to focus on last-minute preparations or running errands.
  3. Have them pick up the kids from school or after-school activities. This will help relieve some of the pressure on you as a parent.
  4. Get them involved in homework help and other academic tasks. Grandparents can be a great resource for information about what their grandchildren are learning in school and how they can best help out.
  5. Let them contribute to the family’s back-to-school budget by buying school supplies or clothes for the kids. This will help take some of the financial burden off of you.
  6. Use their expertise and wisdom to get advice about parenting challenges you may be facing. Grandparents can offer unique perspectives and helpful suggestions that you may not have thought of yourself.
  7. Ask grandparents to come over for dinner on the first day of school or for a special celebration dinner when homework starts. This can help create a sense of continuity and community for kids as they start a new school year.
  8. Ask your parents or grandparents to attend parent-teacher conferences or other school events. This will help them stay up-to-date on their grandchildren’s progress in school and provide them with an opportunity to build a relationship with the teacher.
  9. If your child is going to be riding the bus to school, ask your parents or grandparents if they can wait at the bus stop in the morning and afternoon to ensure their safety.
  10. Set up a regular time for grandparents and grandchildren to spend time together outside of school activities. This can be a great opportunity for grandparents to share stories and wisdom from their own lives, while also providing support to their grandchildren.


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