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Frequently Asked Questions

An Adult Family Home is one of the living arrangements available to senior citizens who cannot comfortably or safely live alone.

It is very common and is expressed by many to us when faced with this very difficult decision. Rest assured, caring for the safety of your loved one is a loving gesture.

Eventually, dangerous falls and other issues have to finally be acknowledged and addressed by the family or guardian. It can be a daunting task for families to care for an elderly person and can be distracting from jobs, family, activities, children, and careers, especially if their loved one also has special needs and services required.

Many times the responsibility is placed on one family member who then suffers burnout. Often the best solution is to place a family member in a safe, professional yet homestyle environment where care is focused on their needs 24 hours a day.

Yes, they generally offer the same type of care, but differ in levels of care offered. In the state of Washington each home is limited to a maximum of 6 residents depending on the ability or size of the home. Some homes may have only 1 room. Many have shared rooms due to size of the home, while some larger ones can offer private rooms. A private room is generally more expensive than a shared one, and a shared room is generally available for clients with limited Medicaid financing, or because of size limitation of the home.

Greenhaven Senior Care offers approximately 2864square feet of wheelchair accessible resident living on the level main floor. There are 5 private bedrooms and 1 double room. We also have 4 bathrooms. Each bathroom has a walk in shower and a wall heater. The main bath also has a large roll-in shower.

Generally there are three basic types:

Assisted Living facilities are for people who are independent in most ways and who are fully cognizant but might need some assistance with daily living activities. Assisted living is a desired place for seniors who do not yet need an adult family home. They are ambulatory, can easily walk to elevators to the lunchroom and activities that are provided, and do not need watching while sleeping during the night. They live as independently as possible in an apartment setting. Assisting living facilities are typically not licensed to give nursing care.

An Adult Family Home / Senior Care Home is for those who are forgetful, may fall, need help with remembering things, need assistance with activities of daily living, need monitoring or supervision during the day and at night, or who need more intensive help and care. When the senior requires 24-hour specialized care and he/she is at risk for injuring themselves, then he/she should consider moving to an Adult Family Home which has both day and night professional licensed care.

A Nursing Home is for those that require more advanced or specialized care in which a typical Adult Family Home cannot provide. A person who has been determined by a physician to have a condition that requires skilled nursing facilities (i.e., they are a danger to themselves or others or have a debilitating condition) would be a candidate for a nursing home.

There are qualified assessors who can do an assessment of your loved one. An assessment is required by law to determine your loved one’s care needs and create a care plan based on the assessment. The rates are calculated using a base rate plus extra levels of care. You can contact us and we will provide you with information on how to reach an assessor.

Some Adult Family Homes specialize in ethnic languages and offer ethnic meals to seniors who prefer that. There are also developmentally disabled, dementia, men’s only, women’s only, mental health, and other specialty homes. Some allow smokers, others do not. Pets are also a factor with some houses.

Greenhaven Senior Care specializes in all types of care such as dementia and mental health and other needs that can be met. For a full list of care we provide, please visit our Services page. We do not allow smoking or live-in pets to ensure a healthy environment free of asthmatic or allergic conditions, however pets are allowed to visit. We also own all our own medical equipment.

If all the information is complete on the enrollment form and the required documents are received (discharge papers from hospital, Power of Attorney papers, medication list, nurse assessment, etc.), then the process goes very quickly and can often be put in place in the same day.

Our residents can keep their Primary Care Provider. They can choose to use our on-call visiting physician if it is more beneficial for them.

Greenhaven Senior Care works to provide 24/7 care for your loved one. This includes housing, meals, medication management, healthcare needs, physical activities, hair, nail, and podiatry needs and many of the other basic in-home needs. We have caregivers on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yes. Greenhaven Senior Care works closely with the registered nurses and other ancillary staff from Hospice to help provide a well-rounded continuum of care for our residents.

Greenhaven Senior Care is specialized to accommodate all levels of care. We are specialized in all forms of dementia and mental health. We can also provide  management, bariatric care, diabetes, feeding tubes, medication management, and more. Our home and our programs are designed to help keep costs down for our residents. 

Greenhaven Senior Care offers physical, occupational and speech therapy, geriatric psychiatry, home doctor, and end-of-life hospice service. We also provide move-in services, transportation, pharmaceutical delivery, and medical devices.  

At Greenhaven Senior Care we honor the original contract to provide care as long as a resident is with us. 

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is the personal observations, opinions and experience of Greenhaven Senior Care and is a general overall synopsis put together in one place intended to cover most issues concerning placement. This is not intended to replace any information available but to add to it.