The Benefits of Health and Professional Care Services in an Adult Family Home

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Everyone everywhere has a right to benefit from health services they need without falling into poverty when using them.

We all age eventually and if you are fortunate enough to be in good health, then it’s only natural that your parents or spouse would want the same for themselves. But what about those who aren’t as lucky? What should they do when faced with no family members around anymore but still need assistance getting around so there’s minimal risk of injury from falls downstairs on uneven ground – which can happen even without any history beforehand!

If your loved one is faced with health issues as they are aging and it is time to move them into assisted living, consider moving them into an adult family home. There are many reasons why this is the best option for ailing seniors, but most importantly the following:

Improve Personal Care

It’s a sad reality that many seniors go without the care they need because their loved ones are too busy or forgetful. When someone neglects his personal hygiene, it can lead to an increase in bacteria which could cause infection and even death if left untreated!

It is important for family members (and friends) to remember how critical proper health maintenance really is when taking over responsibility from professionals such as healthcare staff who have been trained tirelessly on providing each individual with high-quality medical attention no matter what situation arises.

At Greenhaven Senior Care we provide individualized care to all our residents. They are cared for by professional CNAs, and they see the same friendly faces on a daily basis. Our staff will assist your loved ones placed in our care with activities of daily living like bathing, grooming, dressing, undressing, etc.

Maintain and Improve Mobility

If seniors are left on their own, they may become increasingly lonely and frustrated as time goes by. Without proper assistance from a caregiver or assistant, it can be difficult for them to do daily activities like cooking meals or getting around in everyday life! The physical pains that come with old age will make everything more challenging but thankfully adult family homes like Greenhaven Senior Care offer care services that will improve the life of your elderly loved ones.

Monitor Diet and Health

The elderly are more susceptible to diseases, so their diet should be carefully monitored. The right kind of food can help maintain a healthy life and keep the immune system working properly! Our menus at Greenhaven Senior Care a carefully crafted to provide nutrition but also accommodate any special needs and requirements of each of our residents. We use input from our health care professionals caring for our residents as well as input from the family members, and the residents’ own personal preferences. This way we ensure that their diet is monitored, healthy, nutritious, and delicious.

Provide Safety

Safety is a major concern for elderly people. The elderly are more prone to falling down because of their poor health. An adult family home with 24/7 caregivers like Greenhaven Senior Care can decrease this chance by being present at all times, ensuring that they don’t fall or get hurt without help from anyone else in case something goes wrong.

Better Mental and Emotional Health

There is something about being alone that makes anyone feel extremely lonely. It’s worse for elderly people who are prone to having depression and anxiety, but the impact on their physical health will only get worse if they don’t seek help from a doctor soon enough!

There’s no reason why any one of us should live in isolation at all times; living with others can actually improve your mental state AND keep your elderly loved ones safe from various illnesses because it creates social connections within communities which often bring down rates of illness.

At Greenhaven Senior Care, all our residents interact with each other (depending on their condition and levels of care) as well as caregivers. We also encourage their family members to include them in their regular activities and come and visit them as often as they can. Many of our residents still maintain their social interactions with their friends from one-on-one visits to book clubs, games, or going to church together.

Manage Health and Disease

Studies show that seniors who are receiving proper care reduce hospital readmissions significantly. When they have a trusted and knowledgeable place to live with competent and professional caregivers to care for them, accompany and assist them, their health can be properly maintained, and their diseases managed.

Aging and managing health concerns like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory losses, as well as illnesses like cancer, diabetes, etc. in an adult family home can be the best living arrangement for seniors with health issues if a trusted, knowledgeable, and experienced adult family home care provider is involved. If you or your elderly loved ones are in need of an exceptional senior care home or if they are dealing with issues associated with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory loss in Edmonds, Washington, you can easily reach Greenhaven Senior Care at (206) 259-5157.


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