Dear Residents, Families, and Friends of Greenhaven Senior Care,

We are happy to report that we had no issues regarding any COVID-19 concerns regarding our residents, staff, or family members. As we monitor daily developments of COVID-19, we continue to rapidly respond to any issues that would arise but also apply protection practices that help keeps residents and staff safe.  This journey with COVID-19 threatening our vulnerable population will require our continued vigilance for many months to come which we are deeply committed to as we strive to keep all of our residents and staff safe. Our efforts are ongoing to keep all residents and staff safe. Because of our efforts, we have no COVID-19 cases to report. We follow the State of Washington guidelines. We continue to avoid group gatherings; we are staying six feet away from others, wearing a cloth face covering and engaging in good hygiene such as hand-washing and covering our coughs and sneezes are all ways we can each do our part to keep ourselves, our residents, families, workers, and our communities safe. We remain vigilant in our protection practices that continue to help us manage the spread of the virus and continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and local public health officials.

As our parents and loved ones grow older the time will come when we have to consider the options available and what’s in their best interest. While some people will opt for care in a senior living facility, others will take on the responsibility of acting as the primary caregiver for their loved one.

GreenHaven Senior Care is here to help ease the assessment process and to provide you with the resources needed to make the decision best for your loved one. Read the articles below and browse the links provided to learn more about the responsibilities of a senior caregiver.

Caregiver Resources Links:

Perhaps the most significant concern as we age is our health and accessibility to health care. As we grow older it’s important to concentrate on the quality of life.

Seniors may find themselves asking:

  • What simple exercises can I do to live a healthier life?
  • What are some healthy meals I can prepare for myself?

Additionally, you may have questions about Medicare, health insurance, and disease education. GreenHaven Senior Care has compiled a wealth of health care resources for your convenience.

Health Care Resources Links:

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