Valentine’s Day for Seniors in adult family homes

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Greenhaven Senior Care Celebrated Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is behind us now, but the feelings of love and happiness are still there and continue to be there. We love our residents and our staff. They are part of our family. We wanted to make sure they feel how special they are, especially since we had a terrible snowstorm the past few days, and getting here it was almost impossible as we have lots of hills around us. 

For our seniors that have spent their lives with their families, this past year was extra hard. So, we wanted to celebrate this day as a commemoration of their good times. It was the perfect opportunity for us to remind them how much they mean to us and their loved ones who could not be with them on this day.

Activities and Gift Ideas for Seniors

Valentine’s Day is a cheerful holiday and it is for everybody. Seniors love to celebrate not just Valentine’s Day, but pretty much any event. For those that live in Adult Family Homes or senior care centers, it may be the only celebration they attend, and because of the pandemic, even that is uncertain. So, give them something that will brighten their day! You can go all out and make it festive and more special.

Create a Festive Environment

Putting up decorations will make any holiday festive and special. You can save money by doing DYI decorations and you can also give the seniors something to do, as they love activities.

Ideas for Simple Valentine’s Day Decorations:

  • Hearts – cut out colored paper hearts and stick them around the Adult Family Home on the walls, windows, and doors. You can layer red colored paper with beautiful patterns or sparkling paper. You can cut out regular paper hearts and have your residents color them with coloring pencils or markers. Coloring is a wonderful way to relax and be creative.
  •  Fun chain garlands – cut out red and pink colored papers in equal strips. Create interlocking rings with glue or staples, and hang them around the Adult Family Home.

Do Puzzles

Our seniors enjoy doing puzzles and socializing. While we have to preserve social distancing rules, they can still be around each other at the table and respect the 6 feet distance rules. Some of our residents’ favorite puzzles are:

Do Valentine-Themed Word Search Puzzles

They are easy and you can get your seniors and staff to engage in a fun way. Use this idea from Hallmark. Download it here.

Play Valentine’s Day Bingo

These cute Valentine’s Day Bingo Cards are a huge success in our Adult Family Home. It’s a fun game and our senior residents love Bingo. You can play with as few or as many residents and staff as you like.


Make Home Made Treats to Share

Treats…or sweets… go hand in hand with Valentine’s Day. Celebrate and indulge by making simple and easy desserts or savory snacks. You can make them with your staff and residents and this way everybody is involved.

Things you can make:

Watch Valentine’s Day Movies

Our residents love watching tv and watching movies. Hallmark Channel is a staple on the tv in our adult family home. These are some of the most-watched movies from the Hallmark Channel:


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